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Remove negative energy and restore positive energy with Lovers Reunite!

Whether you have been apart for a day or several years, this session can bring them back.

Reset. Refresh. Restart.

Being disconnected with a loved one can be heart-wrenching, and sometimes it may seem like all hope is lost, but reconnecting IS possible with positive energy work!!


Lovers Reunite Energy Sessions involves negative energy removal from both your energy space as well as your lover’s energy space followed by a positive energy influx. It can strongly shift your lover’s perception of the relationship to be more positive. 

With an 87% success rate, you can be confident about being reunited with your lover. Rest assured that their energy will change in a positive way, and they can come back to you with a heart full of love. A mindset that allows better communication along with more consistency can develop. No length of separation is too long! Begin your reconciliation NOW!


Full Love Energy Session

Recommended for first-time energy sessions. Energy is assessed, organized, packaged, and distributed in the most efficient and effective way, setting a solid foundation for results.

Follow-up Session

Powerful for continuing work after setting the foundation with a Full Session. For less extreme situations, this session can also be used as a strong initial push forward.

  • Full Love Session to kickoff our work and/or a powerful follow-up

    295 US dollars
  • Powerful follow-up session for ongoing work

    175 US dollars


Ongoing Love Energy Work will increase the chances of reuniting with your lover, strengthening an existing relationship, or finding your soulmate

  • Push for Love

    Every month
    Bi-weekly sessions to consistently help with your love life!
    • 2 x Follow-up Love Session
    • Save $30
  • Shove for Love

    Every month
    Weekly sessions for those stubborn partners or tough dating!
    • 4 x Follow-up Love Session
    • Save $101
  • Fall for Love

    Every month
    For extreme situations. The ultimate option for best results
    • 2 x Full Love Session
    • 2 x Follow-up Love Session
    • Save $163
Lover Reunite Packages


Custom packages are any combination of Full & Follow-up sessions. Certain customers will benefit more from this type of package, especially if the situation is severe. This may include no contact for months or years, extremely hostile communication, divorce, and other severe situations.

These are special situations where more work must be done over a longer period of time with consistency. Please contact Lucas by clicking HERE to see if a custom package is recommended for your situation.

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