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Energy at a distance.

Everything is energetically interconnected, allowing energy to be transferrable over any distance. Help with healing, love connections, chakra balancing, and more have been shown to be effective through many centuries and are becoming more recognized by scientists through the study of quantum physics.

Angel Session

Angels help us along our life journey. They guide us when we are lost, provide strength when we are weak, and protect us when we are vulnerable. We all have our own personal angels.

In an angel session I call upon my angels, yours, and any others to come together. We discuss any issues and how to solve them. My angels provide advice and wisdom to other angels who will then pass on these insights to the person they watch over.

All angels involved will be more present and will be fulfilling their new tasks for 4-7 days depending on how long they feel is necessary. It usually takes around 24 hours after the session is completed for the angels work to become noticeable. This time can vary depending on the person, situation, and work done.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are circular vortexes of energy responsible for our life energy or "Chi." They are aligned along the length of our spinal column which are connected to different organs and glands in our body.

When suffering from a blockage or disturbance in one or more Chakras an individual may encounter health or mental concerns. An imbalance of one's Chakras can create chaos in several areas of their life including health, relationships, thinking patterns, posture, intuition, and more.

First, I start by centering myself into a meditative state. I then scan your Chakras for imbalances and/or blockages and bring your Chakras back into alignment. You do not need to do anything during the session and you should feel relaxed and centered soon after the session is over.

The Aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that encompasses the body. There are seven layers of the aura which consist of the physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional, and absolute planes.

Your aura naturally generates its own energy created by your thoughts and emotion and absorbs any energy that is happening around you. You can generate or absorb positive or negative energy. Being around negative people can bring your aura into a dark place and bring about a lot of negative energy.


If you deal with a lot of people on a regular basis, are in a stressful situation, become tired or drained from being around people, are around people who constantly complain, or have headaches or anxiety an aura cleansing can help with your life and overall mood! 

  • 135 US dollars
Aura Cleansing


Are you seeking continuous energy work? No matter what the topic, the bundles below can be a great match for your ongoing needs!

Regular energy work can help with consistency in your life, speeding up an emotional healing process, getting the REAL YOU back, building confidence, repairing damaged relationships, and MORE!

Choose your monthly pricing plan:

  • Weekly Angel Session

    Every month
    Perfect for people seeking regular guidance from the angels
    • 4 x Angel Session
    • SAVE $100
  • Weekly Aura Cleanse

    Every month
    Perfect for those who are frequently in draining environment
    • Weekly Aura Cleanse
    • SAVE $100
  • Weekly Chakra Work

    Every month
    Perfect for people seeking ongoing balance in their lives
    • Weekly Chakra Balancing Session
    • SAVE $100
  • Push for Love

    Every month
    Bi-weekly sessions to consistently help with your love life!
    • 2 x Follow-up Love Session
    • Save $30
  • Shove for Love

    Every month
    Weekly sessions for those stubborn partners or tough dating!
    • 4 x Follow-up Love Session
    • Save $101
  • Fall for Love

    Every month
    For extreme situations. The ultimate option for best results
    • 2 x Full Love Session
    • 2 x Follow-up Love Session
    • Save $163
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